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Antigone, 2024

Our Antigone, set against the tumult of the late Viking Age, drops some of the canon’s most ancient characters into a context where honor, tradition, and the codes of kinship take on new meaning. 


After Thebes’ Civil War, Eteocles, like many high-ranking Norse warriors, is given an honored boat funeral by the victors; Polyneices, his defeated brother, is left on the icy battlefield to rot in the melting snow. Creon, their uncle, secures control of the ruling Norse assembly and becomes the king of Thebes. The prophet Tieresias, who offers a vital warning to Creon, is reimagined into the Norns, a Norse deity that bears a striking resemblance to the Moirai of Greek Mythology. Antigone, bound to her brother in death as in life, feels the weight of honoring him with the same ancient traditions embedded into her upbringing.

Antigone Poster

Director: Eliza Palter

Producer: Chris Phillips

Stage Manager: Ellery Cordes

Composer & Music Director: Paul Rochford


Assistant Director: Elijah Levi-Dabby

Assistant Stage Manager: JuliaSofia Moreno

Set Design: George Tsourounakis

Lighting Design: Madeleine Burrow

Costume Design: Madjanah Walters

Community Outreach: Nicole Albanese

Photo & Video Lead: Jenni Loo

Cast: Ana Prí, Anna Rudegeair, Eli Wassertzug, Joe Mosley, Kelsey Malanowski, Natasha Patrnoy, Thammie Laine Quách

Featuring: Joseph Sullivan (cello)

Archival recording of production available upon request.

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