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NEW RELIC THEATRE presents plays that honor the vividness of the human experience —ancient and modern, well-remembered and near-forgotten.

We seek a firmer grasp on the present with the ideas of the past; to fold up time like cardstock and stride daringly between centuries; to revive communal history in modern memory.

We engage artists and audiences alike with unexpected, lush, and playful work that recontextualizes the theatrical canon. We believe theatre must be collaborative and accessible to all—no matter how heightened or historically removed the source text. 

We aspire towards a vital future.


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Eliza Palter

Founder & Artistic Director

Chris Phillips

Managing Director

Jenni Loo

Multimedia Content Manager

Nicole Albanese

Community Engagement Manager

NRT Gala 2024



Advait Arun, Aidan Reid, Alex Wade, Amelia Walsh, Ana Pri, Anabel Getz, Andrew Molinari, Andy Tyrrell, Anna November, Anna Rudegeair, August Kiss Fegley, Brody Rogers, Calvin Griffin, Colum Goebelbecker, Conor Patrick Donahue


Dan Ruescher, Darby Kolwyck, Eli Wassertzug, Elijah Levi-Dabby, Elizabeth McDermott, Ellery Cordes, Eloise Owen, Emma Cooney, Emma Stern, Freddy Vaccaro, Gary Simons, George Tsourounakis, Grace Rucci, Healy Knight, Joe Mosely, Joe Stewart, Joseph Sullivan, Julia Usiak, Julia Yaeger, JuliaSofia Moreno


Kayla Hewlitt, Kellan Oelkers, Kelsey Malanowski, Kelton Miller, LeAnne Maduka, Liam Archer, Liz O’Hazo, Madeleine Burrow, Madjanah Walters, Marlene Hoffmann, Meg Edwards, Meg Oikawa, Megan Biles, Michael Quinn, Michael Whitham, Michelle Renslo, ML Sparrow, Nandini Talwar


Natasha Partnoy, Nate Weiand, Nolan Peacock, Parth Viswanathan, Paul Rochford, Quincy Tichenor, Rachel Thomas, Ryan Baker, Sabyne Santiago, Sam Cormier, Sara Chaves, Stephen Kime, Thammie Laine Quách, Tyler Jessey, Willow Funkhouser, Yasmin Ranz-Lind, Ysaias Garcia, Zach Magid

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