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Textural, stark, and vibrant, this clamorous adaptation investigates the many dualities at the center of Shakespeare’s most studied text. Untethered from time and place, Romeo & Juliet zeroes in on the intricacies of Shakespeare’s classic text to explore the emotional extremes of friend and foe, divine and erotic, and—most iconically—love and loss. 

NRT Romeo & Juliet Poster

Director: Eliza Palter

Producer: Chris Phillips

Stage Manager: Liz O'Hazo

Assistant Director: Yasmin Ranz-Lind

Fight Choreographer: Tyler Jessey

Composer: Parth Viswanathan

Intimacy Coordinator: Willow Funkhouser

Sound Design: Samie Freedman

Production Support: Madeleine Burrow

Graphic Design: Trent Howell

Community Outreach: Nicole Albanese

Photo & Video Lead: Jenni Loo

Cast: Anna Rudegeair, Elijah Levi-Dabby, Emma Stern, Freddy Vaccaro, Healy Knight, Marlene Hoffmann, ML Sparrow, Nicole Albanese, Sabyne Santiago, Tyler Jessey, Michael Quinn, Yasmin Ranz-Lind​

Archival recording of production available upon request.

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