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a midsummer night's dream

Photos by Jenni Loo, 2023.

Do you want to believe? Get trapped in a tractor beam by this adaptation of Shakespeare’s best-known comedy. Youthful idiocy, credulous crunchies, and whatever the government’s been hiding from you collide in a roaring midsummer (get it?) farce. The Faeries may be a dream of the past, but their flying saucers will still send you on a trip.

Photos by Jenni Loo, 2023.

Director: Eliza Palter

Producer: Anabel Getz

Stage Manager: Liz O'Hazo


Sound Design: Sam Cormier

Props Design: Madeleine Burrow

Photo & Video Lead: Jenni Loo

Cast: Aidan Reid, Andrew Molinari, Andy Tyrrell, Dan Ruescher, Eliza Palter, Emma Stern, Gary Simons, Healy Knight, Jenni Loo, Kelton Miller, Leanne Maduka, Liz O’Hazo, Madjanah Walters, Michael O’Hazo, Nicole Albanese, Nolan Peacock, Sam Cormier, Zach Magid

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