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New Relic Theatre’s high-spirits, 75-minute adaptation of As You Like It weds Shakespeare’s most famous pastoral comedy and the nimble folk sound of Old-Time and Bluegrass music. 


Alongside some of New York’s finest actors, performers, and Bluegrass fastpickers, As You Like It will transport its audience from the patio of a Brooklyn bar to the mountains of Virginia, circa 1971. 

As You Like It Poster

Director: Eliza Palter

Producer: Chris Phillips

Stage Manager: Liz O'Hazo


Choreographer: Tyler Jessey

Music Director: Sam Cormier

Assistant Director: Anika Venkatesh

Assistant Stage Manager: Elijah Levi-Dabby

Graphic Design: Trent Howell & Violet Dine

Production Support: Madeleine Burrow

Community Outreach: Nicole Albanese

Photo & Video Lead: Jenni Loo

Cast: Alex Wade, Andrew Molinari, Anna Rudegeair, August Kiss Fegley, Brody Rogers, Darby Kolwyck, Emma Stern, Freddy Vaccaro, Grace Rucci, Kelsey Malanowski, Leanne Maduka, Marlene Hoffmann, Meg Oikawa, Michael Whitham, Nandini Talwar, Ryan Baker, Sam Cormier, Yasmin Ranz-Lind, Ysaias Garcia

Featuring: Rick Snell (guitar), Hilary Hawke (banjo), and Dominic LaMorte (bass)

Archival recording of production available upon request.

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