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BroadwayWorld: New Relic Theatre Presents ANTIGONE: A Viking Era Adaptation Examining the Moral Obligations of the Living to the Dead

Thebes-a sparse, ash-covered, ancient nordic village-collapses beneath the weight of recent carnage. The chorus offer up Dauðalög, funeral dirges, to the gods. Polyneices' body is left for the wolves in the foggy depths of a neighboring forest. Antigone, veiled, is faced with a terrible choice: defy the authority of the gods, or let her brother's corpse rot.

New Relic Theatre's ANTIGONE, a 90-minute adaptation of Sophocles' epic set in the Viking Era, hosted by Theaterlab Shares. This production features original music, composed by Paul Rochford and performed live by Joseph Sullivan.

Cast members Ana Prí, Anna Rudegeair, Eli Wassertzug, Joe Mosely, Kelsey Malanowski, Natasha Partnoy, and Thammie Laine Quách breathe new life into the play's resounding central question: in the aftermath of extraordinary cruelty, what do the living owe to the dead?

NEW RELIC THEATRE presents plays that honor the vividness of the human experience -ancient and modern, well-remembered and near-forgotten. NRT engages artists and audiences alike with unexpected, lush, and playful work that recontextualizes the theatrical canon. We believe theatre must be collaborative and accessible to all-no matter how heightened or historically removed the source text.

ANTIGONE is directed by Eliza Palter and produced by Chris Phillips. Performances will run February 22 & 23rd (8pm), 24th (3pm & 8pm), and 25th (3pm) at Theaterlab (357 W 36th St, Third Floor, New York, NY 10018). Tickets are available at and at, $40.


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